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dongbangdaddies's Journal

Dong Bangin' Daddies! A DBSK Kid!Fic Community
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A community to compile all the DBSK kid!fic on the internet, for easy reading!
Our goal is to have all the DBSK-with-kids fics compiled here, including all pairings, all types, no holds barred! Your mods have listed all the fics they've bookmarked (and written!) over the years but we know it's not all of them.

If you have written or know of any fics that aren't listed here, please click on the appropriate list and leave the link in a comment and we'll add it to that list. (Conversely, if your fic is listed here and you don't want it to be, let us know and we'll take it down.)

We're not discriminating, or only posting fics we like, or only posting fics with impeccable grammar, etc. But! We will have rec posts. For the first few months while we get this comm up and running, we will rec a fic that meets our criteria and that we loved. And while that's going on, comm members are welcome to send us their own fic recs, and once we have enough, we'll start posting those! Please go here for further instructions on how to do that and read our instructions thoroughly before proceeding. Thank you!

So stay awhile, and try not to let your ovaries explode.